Why You Should Join the Ashley Nevis Prints Email Newsletter


Starting in March, the Ashley Nevis Prints email newsletter will be launched (yay!), so I wanted to breakdown three quick reasons for why you definitely want to join in on the fun.

1. Only 2 emails a month
No spammy stuff and no influx of emails every couple of days. The newsletter comes out twice a month, on the 1st and the 15th, and that’s it! Think of it as just enough for us to keep you interested, but not enough for us to seem desperate.

2. Freebies and promo codes
What will those 2 emails a month entail? FUN STUFF. We’ll send you the occasional digital freebie, promo codes for exclusive discounts, and other insider stuff.

3. First look at new products
Speaking of being an insider, you’ll get the first look at new products, before they even hit the site. Who doesn’t like being part of the in-crowd?

Have we convinced you yet? Good news – it’s beyond easy to sign up! Just go to the home page, scroll to the bottom, and type in your email address in the “Want the Inside Scoop” box.

Obviously, Ashley Nevis Prints will never sell or give away your information – you’re safe with us!

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